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The Foundational Literacy and Numeracy mission

The Government of India, Ministry of Education in 2021, launched a National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy (NIPUN Bharat), to ensure that every child in the country attains foundational literacy and numeracy (FLN) by the end of Grade 3, by 2026-27.

Mission goals

Read with comprehension.


Do basic mathematical operations.

Learn basic life skills.

Benefits of Read Along

Features of Read Along that can help states in achieving their FLN mission goals

The in-app assistant, Diya, listens as a child reads out loud, helping them when they get stuck, and provides positive reinforcement when they read well.

Students earn stars and badges as they read, making reading fun.

The app also works offline and can be used on entry level smartphones with 1GB RAM.

Supports English and seven different Indic languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati, and Urdu.

Easily scalable and can be implemented and monitored through the existing ground infrastructure at the state, block and district level.

Read Along can help states achieve their foundational literacy goals.

NIPUN Bharat and Read Along

Over the years, while enrollment numbers in schools have increased, students severely lack in literacy and numeracy. Read Along is designed to improve reading and comprehension skills in students, helping them achieve their foundational literacy goals.

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Students in Uttar Pradesh sharing a tablet and participating in reading activities using Read Along.

Uttar Pradesh case study

See how Read Along helped students in Uttar Pradesh continue learning, even during Covid led school closures.

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A young girl in Uttar Pradesh reads a story on Read Along as part of the daily reading activity in the state.

Tamil Nadu Case Study

Read Along collaborated with Tamil Nadu state in India to help 18 lakh+ children read 1 crore+ stories as they returned to school after the pandemic.

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A girl reads a story out loud at an after school remedial centre in Tamil Nadu.

Integration of Read Along

Read Along is already a part of three state government programs

Uttar Pradesh state government logo

Uttar Pradesh
Mission Prerna

Flagship FLN program launched to ensure students meet basic literacy and numeracy outcomes by 2022

Telangana state government logo


Initiated to overcome the learning loss in literacy and numeracy in early grades due to COVID led school closures

Gujarat state government logo

Saathe Vaanchiye

State textbooks between Grades 1-5 made available on Read Along for students to continue their learning.

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